7 excellent reasons
to join
Agile Camp NL

"Attending Agile Camp NL is extremely smart because..."

  1. I can practice something new

    Agile Camp NL is a BarCamp-style event. This means no boring presentations, but a hands-on active way to learn. During a BarCamp I surround myself with people whose opinions and outlook in Agile make me think critically about my methods, practices and results.

    Every attendee is a participant, so trying out and experimenting is the core of a BarCamp. Agile Camp NL will give me the possibility to practice Agile techniques I have read about. The possibility to train in front of a group of experienced Agile peers. It is the perfect way to improve my skills, learn and gain feedback from the community.

  2. I will learn from and with agile peers (active/experiential)

    Two days of talks, exercises and demonstrations will give me a lot of insights and best practices. The things I learned at ACNL I can bring back to work and share with my team. I will return to my team filled with new ideas and exercises and will be sharing them with my colleagues. When employees are excited about sharing information, it boosts morale and can often be contagious, resulting in an overall happier work environment.

  3. I will get inspired by other agile practitioners

    Agile enthusiast that visit ACNL are extremely motivated. They are the front line of Agile experts in the Netherlands and beyond. During ACNL they will share their knowledge, experiment their next exercises and test new practices. ACNL is a mix of very practical sessions and hands-on workshops.

    The Agile experts joining ACNL share their knowledge and lessons they’ve learned throughout their careers and in doing so, pass on invaluable knowledge to the other bar-camp attendees. I will walk away from the event inspired to apply the lessons learned in the sessions to my own work.

  4. I will connect with my agile community

    Joining ACNL is a great opportunity to meet with Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Agile Coaches and other agile enthusiasts working in various industries. The goal of bar camp is to share with and learn from one another. In a relaxed and conversational atmosphere there is plenty of space to really connect and talk to each other.

  5. I can share my experience and help others

    So I see how other agilists work, design sessions, build teams and what mistakes they’ve done in the past and what I can learn from it. Every attendee will share experiences, through workshops or while giving feedback. In small groups we will share and experiment. Since a bar camp is a relaxed, informal learning of learning, it is a safe space to share and help. You can see it as a huge 360-degree feedback session.

  6. I will grow our network

    By attending the event and representing our company there, I will be able to tell others about what we do and how we work. I will make connections that can help us in the future expanding our business or hiring new people. By sharing my thoughts and lessons learned I can represent the company and expand the exposure of our company even more. The intimate setting of Agile Camp NL will give me the time to really connect, instead of the solitary vibes of a large conference.