Agile Camp NL

Level up as an agile practitioner at an inclusive two-day BarCamp event in the heart of the Netherlands.

Share your experience
Learn from your peers
Experiment with new formats
22+23 October 2021

Our goal 🎯

The goal of Agile Camp NL is to make connections to actively exchange knowledge.

It's all about being inspired and inspiring others: we facilitate the co-creation of two days packed with inspiration to help all of us sharpen our expertise. At Agile Camp NL, you'll be exposed to new people and new ideas, sharing experiences with a group of diverse thinkers, and broadening your skills with hands-on workshops and engaged conversations.

Agile Camp NL at a glance

  • BarCamp-style event for agile practitioners
  • Programme is decided by the participants on the day
  • Held at Creative Valley Collectiv in Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Up to 75 participants
  • Entirely in English


Photo of Karlijn
Photo of Thomas

Agile Camp NL is brought to you by Product Owner Karlijn Moll and Scrum Master Thomas van Zuijlen. The event is our first foray into open space-y, unconference-y territory. Inspired by other great (Agile) BarCamp events abroad, we want to bring the same electric possibilities to our own community in an inclusive atmosphere.