Agile Camp NL

Level up as an agile practitioner at an inclusive two-day BarCamp event in the heart of the Netherlands.

Share your experience
Learn from your peers
Experiment with new formats
2020 Extremely Early Bird € 23 + VAT

Our goal 🎯

The goal of Agile Camp NL is to actively exchange knowledge. It's all about being inspired and inspiring others: two co-created days packed with inspiration help us all sharpen our expertise. You'll be exposed to new ideas, share experiences with a group of diverse thinkers, and broaden your skills with hands-on workshops.

Agile Camp NL at a glance

  • BarCamp-style event for agile practitioners
  • Programme is decided by the participants on the day
  • Held at Creative Valley Collectiv in Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Fri 1 + Sat 2 November 2019
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Entirely in English
  • Tickets are €149 + VAT

Who presents?

Agile Camp NL is a BarCamp - that means everyone is encouraged to share and present. You can submit a proposal today, and inspect the session proposals from our community. We determine the schedule together, at the start of the event.

How do we make the programme?

At BarCamp-style events, the participants make the programme together, at the start of the camp. It works as follows: you get some time to think about a session, you write down your name and your session on a “marketplace card”. You pitch/sell your session in the marketplace for 1 or 2 minutes. We make a schedule with all the pitched proposals and then it is up to you which ones you join.

This gives everyone the chance to propose new formats, to try retro exercises, to share knowledge or ask questions. You can submit a proposal upfront if you already know what you want to do. But you can also wait till the last moment to propose; it’s up to you.

To us at Agile Camp NL, that means that every participant brings their own knowledge, experience, culture and background. The programme we compose on the days of the event, is the one we all need.

What are the topics?

Subjects can be Scrum-related, like retro formats, stakeholder management or team improvements. Approaching how to make the right things together from a service design or user research perspective is also possible. If you want to share personal development knowledge, or how to improve diversity, this is also the place to go.

Budget and costs 💰

A ticket costs €149 + VAT. We use that to cover expenses like the venue and some catering. If you need to convince your boss or budget person - check out our list of 7 excellent reasons to attend Agile Camp NL.

Who attends?

Agile Camp NL brings together creative minds with a passion for agile ways of working: Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, developers, facilitators, learning designers, growth hackers, agile transformation leaders and more, such as VPs, founders, program managers, project managers, product managers or business Agilists.

(We don't know what "business Agilists" are, either, but we've seen them mentioned. Bottom line: we actively aim for a diverse, inclusive group.)

Our venue

Photo of the venue

Creative Valley Collectiv is the fancy, brand-new venue for our equally fancy, brand-new event. Collectiv is a modern event space located directly next to the Central Station of Utrecht. It's eminently reachable by public transport.